Die jüdischen Friedhöfe von Wiesbaden




Vol. 6 Die Jüdischen Friedhöfe von Wiesbaden

The 3 Jewish cemeteries of Wiesbaden, the „Alten Jüdischen Friedhof “ , the „Neuen Jüdischen Friedhof“ and also the cemetery of the orthodox „Alt-Israelitischen Kultusgemeinde“ complete in one photo-documentation, covers the complete stock of gravestones in the year 2005 in high-resolution 5 Mega Pixel format with almost 2000 photos

The old Jewish cemetery on the „Schönen Aussicht“ from Wiesbaden.

This graveyard was set 1747 and cover until 1890. The last burial in a family-grave
occurs 1929. On that area are about 550 tombstones. The
inscriptions are mainly in Hebrew writing on the predominant tombstones manufactured
out of sandstones.

The new Jewish cemetery on the “ Platter Straße „.

This cemetery is open 1891 and still in use. The documentation contains all tombstones up to the year of 1945.

Cemetery from the „Alt-Israelitische Kultusgemeinde“

First burial 1877

Over 370 Gravestones , the inscriptions are mainly in Hebrew writing

1,6 Gigabyte Data
2000 photos

ISBN (new) 978-3-938454-11-4

Der alte jüdische Friedhof von Wiesbaden (Übersicht).

Der neue jüdische Friedhof von Wiesbaden (Übersicht).

Der Friedhof der Kultusgemeinde Wiesbaden (Übersicht).



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